New password policies

Hello Techsico,

Today, we went ahead and implemented a couple of password policies to your account:

Must be 7 characters long
Expire in 30 days
Can be changed early after a week.
Must meet complex requirements

Lockout Procedures:

Wait time between incorrect passwords: 2 minutes.
Lockout implemented after 3 incorrect entries
Must contact an Admin to unlock workstation.

One last thing, we removed the usernames from the login screen.; you'll have to use CTRL+ALT+DELETE to log in. The guest account has been enabled on the workstations in case you have forgotten your login information.

We have implemented these policies to make the workplace a bit more secure for you guys. I know that these may seem like a bit of a burden, but we're just trying to keep out the people who are just trying to bring harm to your workstations (even if it is just a practical joke).

Please let me know of any inconveniences that this may have caused and anything we can do to help.

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