Frequently Used Words

Definition of Terms

1. Direct (or local) entry into the MacroS network using a computer or other input device.
2. Remote entry using communication lines.

Application System
Any software that, together, comprises an entire database maintenance system which includes data entry, reports, etc.

Client Application
A program or part of a program that resides and is run from the users workstation.

Network Application
Program or part of a program that resides and is run from the network server.

SFCC’s registration, student information, payroll, and etc. application system.

Computer System
Any personal computer (PC), workstation, or server on or off the MacroS network.

Storage area either on the local workstation or on a server (appears as a hard disk drive).

Drive Mapping
Assigning a letter (t:, u:, y:, etc.) to network applications or devices.

Information Technology Department

Installing software program(s) on a computer for use.

A number of connected computers that share information and devices.

Network Drive
A drive that resides on a server computer rather than on the local computer.

High capacity PC used to share programs and files.

Any personal computer (PC) used to access MacroS network.

Any college employee, vendor, or contractor who has been permitted access to the MacroS network by their User ID and Password.

User Profile
A configuration for a specific user: rights, permissions, and privileges defined.

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