- In order to keep your data backed up and accessible from other machines we will be using a program called RichCopy in conjunction with Windows Task Scheduler. This will backup to the Network Storage Device who's IP address is RichCopy has many settings and parameters to be customized for the specific needs of your company.
- RichCopy is currently set to backup the entire Users directory including documents, desktop shortcuts, favorites, videos, etc., everytime your computer turns on or a user logs off.
- In order to change which files will be included, excluded, or modified during backup, your Company President Bill Lumbergh will have to open RichCopy, change settings as he sees fit, copy the provided command options, and put them in the "Backup Documents" Task within Windows Task Manager.


- To create a shortcut to the Do Not Call List on the NAS you first press the Start button and select Computer. In the address bar enter the IP address for the NAS \\ then go to the folder named "public". Inside the public folder is the folder named "Do Not Call List", open the folder and find donotcalllist.exe. Right click donotcalllist.exe and hover over "Send to…" then select "Desktop" (create shortcut.)


- In order to backup data and make it easily accessible from multiple machines we have installed a Network Hard Drive.

- To make this Network Hard Drive appear in "My Computer you may have to "map" it.
These are the basic steps to map a network drive.

1. Click on the START MENU
2. Click on COMPUTER
4. Click BROWSE and select INITECHNAS
5. Click on the SUBFOLDER you want to map to.


When you first log on to your computer you will be prompted to enter a new password. Administrators can use their own password to access all users' accounts.


- There is an ip address on every printer to make sure that you are connected to the correct printer you must first give it a test to see what the ip address is so you will be able to print your page and will not be left in the dust.

FIRST: Press the online button once and the light will go out indiciating off line.
SECOND: Press the menu button until you get TEST MENU..
THIRD: Press the item button until you get SELF TEST.
FOURTH: Press the enter button.
- Then a page will print out and will have all of the printers information.
- About half way down the page to the right in the third line you will see the IP address if it matches the ip address on your computer you will be good to go.
- Once armed with that information there should be no reason that you shouldn't be able to print from the same printer.

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