PM Team 2 Vista Page; Matthew Simms, Andrew St. John, Michael Lillard, Lek Honea, Taylor Williams, Jerry Vonschriltz


Intuit QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition 2010.
basic accounting software for small buisinesses.
with this software, you can easily print checks, pay bills and track expenses.

Worry-Free Business Security Advanced.
This software protects against data theft, risky websites, and spam.
It stops viruses, spyware, and spam, and other web threats from reaching computers or servers.
URL filtering blocks access to risky websites and improves user productivity.

Easy Time Logs Free
Easy Time Logs is time tracking timesheet, and project management software product.
This software offers a web based interface with timesheets and a veriety of other features.


NAS: Iomega 500Gb Network Drive
Wireless-N Access point



Umbrella Corporation has set up 11 total user accounts,one being the administrator account.We have also set up 10 Employee accounts.Each user has there own backup as well as a full computer backup user backup are done daily and full backup are done weekly

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