Poison Fish

Poison Fish is a corperation which works in the feild of Information Technology (IT); we can do everything from the simple matter of upgrading to setting up and managing a network for a big or small company. Because you never know when the system goes down we offer 24/7 coverage to fix even the small or largest problem, but solving problems is only half the battle in the world of IT. Another huge part of the job is making intragte solutions, being able to research outside the box to get the right equipment or to fix the error. But why wait for an IT Admin to come out everytime you have a minor problem, give us speacialists a call or shoot an e-mail and we will give you simple answers to all your questions with all the help you would need with every problem.

Hello, Aura Trucking company following progress on the subject at hand we have thus so far finished with what you have asked of us. After looking at what you had and what was required for the task at hand, we decided that we would need to fist make a list of supplies needed for the upgrade to take place as well as getting the network made. One of the first things we noticed was that each computer needed more ram, Windows 7 upgrade required more memory than the comptures had by giving each computer more memory we would have enough space for the upgrade to take place. For the network we needed a router, external hard drive, and a wireless router the router netwroks everything together, and the external hard drive was for backing up files, the wireless router was for the laptop to have its own access.
Moving forward we setup the physical network and the virtual network adding security and tweaking the setting for a more securty, after the physical network was in place we began installing Windows 7 to each computer and each computer was successfully upgraded with no problems. All files were backed up on the external hard drive and later moved back to the computers using windows 7 easy transfer.
With the upgrade in place and the network setup, we flet it would be best to install more securty to the computers by install Avast Business Internet Secutry, as well as install Mircosoft Office, and Softros messenger for the workers to communicate for better workefficiency.

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