Automated Back-up

To make your lives a bit easier, we went ahead and set an automated back-up for all of the work stations for your documents. The back-up is set to run on every Sunday at 7:00 PM (no one should be in the office at that time anyways). The back-up will save any documents that are found on the workstation at this time. The data will be saved onto a network attached hard drive so that the data will be safe in case a workstation were experience complete system failure. The data is backed-up using the Vista integrated Back-up feature. By utilizing this protocol, the data is back-up much more easily. The files are also compressed which means that the data will take up less space on the NAS. However, in order to recover the compressed data from the NAS, you'll need to retrieve it using the back-up protocol rather than just dragging and dropping. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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